professional data recovery services

Your Choices for the Perfect Data Recovery Options

Anyone who occupies a computer, notebook, or tablet will face at some point, a problem related to the hard drive. It is not whether that problem will happen or not, but when it will happen. These problems can be the consequence of some damage caused by the user, in a generally accidental way, such as a fall, liquid spill or electricity shocks. Sometimes it also just happens that the disk reaches the limit of its useful life (none of these devices is designed to last forever).

Depending on the type of damage, physical or logical, the problem can be solved “alone” (using the defective error detection and repair tools that come with the different operating systems), or it may be necessary to resort to a recovery service. There is data to avoid the definitive loss of the information contained in the disk.

professional data recovery services

The ability of a professional data recovery services to save the information contained in a specific storage device depends largely on the problem that caused the loss of data and how quickly the disk has been stopped and taken for review. Some frequent problems that lead to the loss of files are virus or malware infections, incorrect operations on the disk, corruption of the firmware (operating system of the hard disk, which allows it to operate), etc. Most data recovery services will estimate the damage and the ability to recover data before charging. In this way, the client will know if it makes economic sense to try to recover the information or if he can face the loss.

If possible, bring your media in person

If possible, try going to the provider to post your media. So, you will see the locals. If you are in the right place but in front of you, there is a house instead of a company; the recovery will probably be in the basement instead of a clean room. Be aware that beautiful websites are great for attracting potential customers, but sometimes they hide a lack of professional resources. Pay attention to messages likes “we get 100% of your data” or other spectacular numbers displayed no one can guarantee a complete recovery before assessing the damage on the disk.

Be careful if it sounds too good to be true.

Each individual gives a value to his data, and the price of the recovery must be compared to this value. The same price can be good for someone and bad for someone else. In general, you should be suspicious if the price is too good to be true because the quality of the service could really be insufficient to allow the recovery of your data and then make your data irrecoverable.

The points listed above could help you move in the right direction in the event of data loss. If something happens, do not be in a hurry and remember our advice. You can also contact us to get a free analysis of your media.

When to try to recover data from a disk?

There is a simple way to decide for any person or company if it is worth paying to recover the data contained in a disk. It is about balancing, on the one hand, the difficulty of recreating the files and on the other, the cost associated with doing it.