PCB Assembly China

Top 5 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in China

PCBA is the contraction of Printed Circuit Board Assembly in English, and that implies that the clear PCB board goes through SMT stacking, or the whole course of the DIP module, alluded to as PCBA. There are numerous PCB gathering producers in China, so which organization to pick might make you can’t help thinking about how to pick in PCB Assembly China . We have incorporated the best PCB gathering producers available to assist you with picking. peruse!


PCB Assembly China

Goliath was laid out in March 2008 with an enrolled capital of USD 2 million, a plant area of more than 12,000 square meters, and over 500 workers. With the vision of serving worldwide innovation organization EMS, the organization centers around center electronic item ODM/OEM, and is a worldwide PCB producing organization that offers functional types of assistance. The organization has passed ISO9001, ISO14000, and ISO/TS16949 quality and natural administration framework accreditations, and serves clients as per the administration framework.

Established and Ruby

Established in 2010, Nodsmart has practical experience in giving clients one-stop EMS electronic assembling administrations, including PCBA handling administrations, for example, PCB circuit board creation, SMT chip handling, DIP module, PCBA testing, three-proof paint splashing, and completed item gathering, bundling, and logistics. Ruby is an expert in one-stop PCBA OEM administration, one-stop coordinated assembling production line for electronic part obtainment, SMT situation, DIP welding, complete machine get together, testing and bundling. It has a completely programmed SMT creation line and wave welding. A solitary SMT creation line can mount 300 sorts of PCBA simultaneously. It has a creation limit of 5 million focuses each day. It has more than 200 press get-togethers and assessment devices. It can redo reproduction or Standard testing tooling hardware, through 6 “testing methods” to really look at the quality at all levels, rigorously execute the ISO9001-2000 quality administration framework confirmation, and is focused on being a socially capable public undertaking for clients, workers, and providers.

Incredible Tong and Upward

Extraordinary Tong is focused on giving the best and quickest administration for the constant advancement of electronic innovation and becoming one of the top-notch equipment printed circuit board gathering organizations in China. The organization was established in 1998, the organization is settled in Shenzhen, and has laid out creation and activity bases in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hunan, Yiyang, Hunan, and branch workplaces in Hong Kong. Give worldwide clients proficient PCB plan, PCB duplicate board (chip model distinguishing proof and chip unscrambling can be given), PCB board fabricating, SMT chip handling, PCBA foundry creation (OEM supporting handling), radio recurrence ID innovation (RFID) applications, Smart card the executives and improvement and other top-notch administrations. Up was laid out in 2013 and gives proficient PCBA handling, SMT chip handling, electronic part acquirement, and other expanded administrations. We have kept up with long haul and stable participation with many organizations, and our items are generally utilized in correspondence, clinical, modern control, and different fields. The organization has different programmed position lines, and logical testing gear, and gives the test and clump arrangement handling administrations to address client issues. Simultaneously, we additionally give PCBA handling and assembling, and electronic part obtainment administrations.