Daintree at Bukit Timah

The serene rooftop of the garden in the residence

There is a third condominium launched in the development of SP Setia in Singapore, there are investors in Daintree residence for Malaysian in the international center of Setia in KL eco-city. These five stories in the project of Toh Tuck Road in the gross development of value $485 million Daintree Residence. There are articulated in façade of Daintree residence are beautiful and graceful in a stunning composition, there is an element of the valley of scenic in the rainforest of enchanting in the heritage tree and treetop walk 35000 sq ft which connect your home in uninterrupted in the getaway of design in the masterpiece of architecture in the hallmark of true design in the sophistication of the general manager of the SP Setia in property division in Singapore. There is some residence farm in the calm of the Daintree residence at home to primary school. Imported marbles are flooring the apartment that is fitted properly.

Daintree at Bukit Timah

There are each quantity is fitted in the high level of the kitchen appliance and there is a security system in the smart home and it may include in the biometric lock system in the smart doorbell. There are some other projects in all our living of the development in life learn work play of the philosophy and there is a beautiful landscape that is included in the abundance of greenery. You may add the Daintree residence in the potential in returns of high since the renovating of the government in the facilities of recreational of their more building of public service in the creating parks and designing some friendly paths in cycle paths of the area.

Suitable families

There had some chance to the purchaser in the celebration of the Merdeka campaign. They represent the beauty worlds of very interesting in the outlook of the upper Bukit Timah road, there are some crossroads lies in upper of Bukit Timah road. There are some quiet preservatives in the surrounding nature of lush greenery at the same time in the modern facilities of modernization of their counters. In present days, they will notice the malls of old shopping of beauty world center in the plaza of Bukit Timah of their natural attraction of the built-in the 1970s – 1980s. there are definitely in the building of only ones left and there is undergoing in the rapid of the beauty world in the renewal of bringing a new life into the place.

There are some reviews about the beauty world area is flank in the many attractions of natural in Bukit Timah. There is a natural park in the rail corridor and rifle range. There are 327 units are located in the development. Some past reviews intend to focus on the properties of extrinsic properties of development of new launch rather than internal aspects in the floor plan, facilities. There is some reason available information from any agent, there are some services for providing information about the development in the financial blow. There is launching in Daintree residence is starting. There are low starting prices compared to other new launches in their vicinity. There are some possibilities in the low and sale prices. Their gardens are good luck in the reaches of their land sale price.