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The Issues With Deaths and Your Defense

Only a criminal lawyer can give you the right assistance and help you solve this huge burden. After all, if you have a knee problem go to the orthopedist and not the dentist, in the same way, for a criminal problem you will have to rely on wrongful death attorneys .

Better a lawyer from the place where the trial will take place. This suggestion may seem unreasonable, but in reality, it is of fundamental importance. It is true that the law is the same for everyone, but each court has different practices and procedures from each other. A criminal lawyer who works in the district where the crime occurred will certainly cost you less than a lawyer who will have to face 300 km by car or train to carry out your trial. The lawyer’s professional experience is important but that’s not all.

Professional experience is important.

The years of apprenticeship and the subsequent apprenticeship have a weight not to be overlooked. Alongside the study of the rules, the right amount of experience and above all the right attitude is needed.

Similarly, a highly rated criminal lawyer with many years of experience will be able to assure you a thorough knowledge of the subject, but will not be able to devote much of his time to your problem and will likely let his collaborators handle the case.

The advice is therefore to choose a criminal lawyer who still needs to make a name for himself among clients, who reflects a certain slice of the market, who is known and above all who has a good reference on the web.

Can I consult multiple lawyers before choosing the right one?

Absolutely, you must do it. Surely you will have to pay some money for the preliminary consultation. However, it is better to lose a few hundred euros first than to waste thousands later due to the bad choice of the professional.

You must know that criminal law is vast, each crime has unique characteristics and peculiarities, your story will certainly be different from another, therefore, a scrupulous professional, probably, before giving you an opinion or accepting the assignment will ask you to study himself the cards and then decide. This is not synonymous with incompetence or little knowledge of criminal matters, but it is proof of careful and conscientious evaluation by the criminal lawyer.

Who guarantees me the result of the process?

wrongful death attorneys

Nobody can guarantee you the result of the process. If any criminal lawyer promises acquittal or the victory of a lawsuit, he immediately runs away from his law firm. The criminal law is not mathematics. Each process has its own story, different from all others.  Not surprisingly, the obligation assumed by the lawyer is an obligation of means and not of result.

Trust in the lawyer-client relationship

The criminal lawyer, when chosen by the client, is defined as a trusted lawyer. In the word “trust”, there is a sense of the lawyer-client relationship. If you don’t trust your lawyer, if you don’t tell the whole truth or if you have doubts about his or her work, then leave him. Change it. Without trust, nothing is built.

Obviously, the trust must be mutual, even the lawyer will have to trust you: do not hide the facts, do not overestimate your damage, and remember that the lawyer does not judge you, this is not his job. The criminal lawyer can only help you, nothing more, and nothing less.