Steamed power engine automobile as a source of transportation

The automobile is a very important source of transportation. An automobile is commonly known as the vehicle of a person with four wheels which is used for the transportation service which has four wheels and has the gasoline or diesel engine. The automobile is otherwise known as automotive which designs or manufactures the appliances or the parts of cars. The person who plays a part in manufacturing is known to be a mechanic known to be the technician who uses tools to build the machinery. The mechanics are mostly available in particular fields like auto mechanics, industrial mechanics, heavy-duty equipment mechanics, and all the specific items that have the unique categorization of the technician.


Electric automobiles:

An early type of electric motor was invented by a Hungarian named Anyos Jedlik in the year 1828. Powered by his new motor Anyos Jedlik created a tiny model car. The first electric DC motor was invented in the year 1834 by Vermont blacksmith Thomas davenport who installed the engine in his small model car. On a short circular electric track, he has operated the small model car. In the year 1835, a small scale electric car powered by a non-rechargeable primary cell was created by professor Sibrandus Stratingh of Groningen, the Netherlands, and his assistant Christopher Becker. A crude electric carriage powered by a nonchargeable electric cell was invented by Robert Anderson of Scotland between the year 1832 to 1839. In November 1888, a working three the wheeled car powered by electricity demonstrated by the French inventor Gustave Trove at the international exposition of electricity Paris. Thomas parker the English inventor invented the electrifying the  London underground overhead tramways in Liverpool. Between the late nineteenth century and early 20th-century electric cars were enjoyed by the people. The automobile industry was preferred with the method of electricity which provides the level of comfort to the people to use. Because the electric method reached a peak of gasoline cars. The growth of gasoline or petroleum manufacturing leads to the development of the gasoline cars. So the rates of the gasoline cars get reduced and usages of the gasoline cars got increased. So the usage of electric cars was reduced in the 1930s in the united states. The concern over the environment through the use of gasoline cars is increased in the recent years of usage. And then the usage of gasoline got increased so, the price of gasoline also increased over the years. The higher gasoline prices lead to the interest of electric battery usage. So the electric battery development leads to a renewed interest in electric cars. The electric car usage is very kind and friendly towards the environment.

Automobile in the modern era:

The forty years preceding the current year is defined as the modern era. In the modern era, to reduce the cost and development of the time and to increase the use of electronics for engine management by standardization, platform sharing, and computer-aided designs. The rapid improvement in fuel efficiency and engine output in the modern era. The engine management system has focused on the emission of the automobile. With the production of the transnational automobile system sharing the same platform, there is a growth that happened in transnational cooperative groups.