hoc seo

Smart SEO and the Right Steps for You

A good SEO Expert provides a clear hoc seo and approach. This allows you to clearly see in the course of the process whether there is an improvement in the positions in Google and in the number of website visitors.

hoc seo

What is & what does an SEO Specialist do?

Sometimes we participate in a project in such a way that we become blinded by things that could be even better. That certainly also applies to a website, web design of a website and optimization for search engines.

An SEO Specialist is someone who can hire your company to focus on all things that could be improved. It is a kind of ‘Second opinion’. In addition, he or she will point out any problem that may have a negative result on your positions in the search engines. An SEO Check is often the first step after a thorough keyword analysis.

In addition to making an analysis of the current situation, a good SEO specialist will provide a plan of approach. A plan that ensures, among other things, that you can continue to improve the following:

  • Technical SEO of the website;
  • Content on the site;
  • Website authority of the website;
  • Internal link structure so that the value is properly distributed.

In short: maybe your website has been around for a long time and you just haven’t seen the number of visitors on your site that you want. Or you have a new company where you want to get started right away with SEO. An extra look at the way you work now is always good and certainly ensures even better results.

Unique SEO method

The Delta Factor is a unique method for measuring and improving a website. With the Delta Factor, we know if a webpage is powerful enough to reach a top 10 position in Google. And if that is not the case, we can improve the web page so that it can play along with the best.

An analysis of technical defects

Hidden flaws in your website are often the biggest culprits for your online performance. With an SEO scan, we find these defects and you get a list of action points to bring your online performance back to the highest level. If you do not have time, we will help you to solve the limitations of your website.

Text that Google wants to see

The texts on your website must be appealing and fascinating for your visitors and support the findability of your website. A good story does both and not only helps to lead more customers to your website but also to tempt your visit to purchase or to contact us. And we know how that is possible.

User-friendly due to speed

The faster your website, the better the users rate your website especially when they view your website on the go. And Google rewards fast websites with higher positions in the search results. That is why we make WordPress, Joomla and Magento website faster. Often much faster! And we can do that for you too.

Link building for search engine optimization (SEO)

Collecting good inbound links to your website is still one of the best ways to score in Google and improve positions in Google search results. It increases your credibility, authority and the number of visitors to your website. Link building should be a regular part of your search engine marketing. But it can also be risky.