Parking spaces

Renting Parking Spaces And Its Availability

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Apartments parking spaces are renting to outside. It becomes fast catching nowadays.  Many builders are providing the flat with parking space for up to 2 lakhs. Street parking is not so safe. Many cities are in need of parking. In Maharashtra, people are in emerged condition for parking. Because it has more number of people as well as vehicles. Some parking companies are using stickers to park the stimulated car in a particular area. And they mark the space empty, after car leaves.  So in this plan Parking spaces is important. If you want to run a good parking company follow some rules like, provide easy and low cost of parking amount, allow people to book Parking Spaces, make people know the parking information. Where we go, parking facilities are available. Parking is available in the railway station, nearby bus stand, Malls, theatre, exhibition, etc., Theatre, exhibition parking is asking affordable prices from the people. Because people are using only limited hours. While we use street parking, we should be very cautious. Because sometimes vehicles may be missed. Many countries are using more restrictions on parking. Do it all with the stuff which makes you good at all.

Rules Of Parking Spaces In Premises And Apartments:

Parking spaces

According to the National Building Code, 13.75 square meters must be allotted for per car parking. There is a lack of uniform laws and epidemic rules followed by people.  Who are all having four-wheeler, they are eligible for parking. You can park your four-wheelers, where the place is allotted to you.  If you buy another car or any of your relatives come in a four-wheeler,  they may park in an open space or somebody’s space. This is called a violation of the parking rules. You need to inform your relative earlier to park in the guest parking area.  So every apartment must have 25% parking spaces for visitors.  For open parking the apartment manager should mark numbers, otherwise, it may create some confusion. If the tenants have four-wheeler,  then he/she has to get permission from his owner or landlord. If there are too many vehicles belonging to the same person, the society has to make a lot on a yearly basis or can provide parking space on the rotation base. The RERA Act said that garage space must be sold separately by the builders. In common areas nearby temples or public ground, governments are providing parking lease tender for a year. The government also gives parking leases during festival time. The owner of festival time parking can earn more money. Bus stand and railway station parking are slotting different amounts for various vehicles like bicycle, two-wheelers. They maintain separate parking spaces for a four-wheeler. Nearby toll plaza also parking spaces are available. People can use this parking for their emergency.  By giving tender government is earning more amount every year. The government parking price is lower than private parking.  But private parking may get more money with more facilities. In Railway station, bus stand government is providing parking spaces. Indian law is giving various rules and regulations for parking spaces. It applies to all over India. But in some areas, people are not following the rules.