gilet urbain homme

Male Collection: Inspiring Tips, Models and Looks

With the arrival of autumn and winter, it is time to remove several pieces of the wardrobe, such as jackets, sweatshirts, boots and the men’s vest. The latter, usually worn with a suit and tie, enhances the look and makes men more charming. But it is not only on cold days that you can wear the vest: in summer, you can give up the social clothing and invest in a more casual style, wearing a jeans or sports model. Best choices for the gilet urbain homme can be made also.

Many stylists already considers the male vest as a key piece that every man should have in his wardrobe, precisely because it is as versatile as other pieces. You can dress in both a social and everyday event by giving up your suit and making combinations to align your look and play with layers of clothing.

Nowadays, the men’s vest is already part of a casual style, so it’s worth some essential tips before you wear it, considering features such as height, trim and size. It is ideal to always leave it above the waistline and open when wearing with a t-shirt.

If you are going for a more casual look, it is ideal to leave the vest always open, regardless of whether the model is jeans, social or sports. Check out interesting tips and looks with this piece to look even more beautiful and elegant.

gilet urbain homme

Men’s Vests Models Social

The social vest is the most traditional, always seen on special occasions to make up the look, such as weddings, graduations and other trendy events. It is usually worn with a shirt, tie, dress pants and chino pants. In some cases, it can even be combined with a t-shirt, jeans and even shorts, working well in a casual style.

The social vest is usually worn with a tie and t-shirt of various styles. The men’s social vest can replace the jacket and jacket at formal events when the day is very hot or make your look bolder. The men’s jeans vest looks great with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, being a great choice for guys who want to keep the casual style in everyday life, with a very modern and alternative look.


Known as a gilet in the United States, a sports vest model has become very popular in this country in recent years, quite resistant and that emphasizes the look, from social too casual. This piece is made of polyester and nylon and is found in neutral colors. It can be combined with a jacket and many other items you wear in winter: sweater, cardigan, denim shirt, boot and all kinds of pants. The sports vest looks good when worn as an overlay, leaving the look younger and cooler. Already on hot days, it is worth betting on the gilet with a white t-shirt and lighter colors.

For the cold wool, knitting, crochet

The models of wool, knitting and crochet are very traditional in the country and make up the look of several boys in the winter because they get very hot and are ideal for daily life and work. The warmer colors fit nicely with a social shirt as well as the stripes.