Preis von IOTA

Finer Balances for the IOTA Trading Now

Almost every exchange or broker offers you the opportunity to invite friends. As soon as someone accepts the invitation and buys crypto you also earn a share of the transaction costs. Professionals have recently expanded the possibilities for this so-called referral program so that you and your friends can earn cryptocurrencies. The use of Preis von IOTA is essential there.

As a professional user, you can create a so-called referral link. This is a link that you can share with your friends and where professionals can see who has registered for the exchange through your link. As soon as someone signs up via your link and starts trading you will receive 20 percent of the transaction costs of each transaction.

Preis von IOTA

But, Professional also gives you the opportunity to earn money together with your friends. A standard referral link gives you 20 percent of the transaction costs of the other, but you can also create a link that you share the 20 percent with your friends. You can set this so-called ‘kickback rate’ to 0, 5 or 10 percent. So you can choose to allow friends who sign up through your link to share 5 or 10 percent in the revenue from transactions. If you opt for 5 percent, you will save 15 percent yourself. If you choose 10 percent, you share the income 50/50.

Since we would like to see everyone enjoying the world of cryptocurrencies, we have also created a special referral link for readers of our website. If you register with Professional via this link, we will share the income 50/50. You use 10 percent of the transaction costs, 10 percent of the transaction costs.

A question that we are asked a lot is whether it is only possible to buy whole Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Simply put, the answer is no, but this does not apply to all cryptocurrencies. Here is the explanation.

Buy all or part of a cryptocurrency

If we look at Bitcoin then the question is easy to answer. You can buy a whole Bitcoin, but that is not for everyone with the current rates. Fortunately, you can also buy a part of a Bitcoin, and that part after the comma is expressed in Satoshis. One Bitcoin consists of 100,000,000 satoshis so you can also buy a very small part of a Bitcoin.

The same principle applies to other high-value cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum or Dash or Litecoin. You can buy up to a number of decimal places for these coins. If the value of a cryptocurrency decreases, for example with Cardano (ADA) or Vechain (VET), it is often a lot harder to buy a part of a coin. But why would you want that if one coin costs a few cents?

Don’t know which cryptocurrencies to buy?

The reason it becomes difficult is that exchanges and brokers often require a minimum purchase. For example, at Professional, the largest exchange, a transaction must be at least 0.001 Bitcoin. At the time of writing, this amounts to just under 10 dollars. You can therefore buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vechain, Cardano or one of the other cryptocurrencies for a minimum of 10 dollars. If you want to buy 10 dollars from Vechain, the number of coins you get is often rounded off because it is about money. For digital currencies with a slightly higher value, you then get 5 whole and a part of the sixth coin.