Everything about PCT for SARMs

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PCT or Post cycle therapy is used to bring the body back to its normal hormonal balance after running a SARMs, prohormones or steroids cycle. This happens because while using such performance enhancing drugs or steroids, the body can stop or suppress the production of certain hormones which are available to it through the drugs being consumed. SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) cycles are used for bodybuilding or do lose fat and gain lean muscle mass and you may or may not need PCT after a SARMs cycle based on which SARM you use and how long you use it for. You need to have adequate info about SARMs which you are going to use and if it needs PCT also depends on it.

The body has an action mechanism which inhibits production of natural hormones when an anabolic drug, SARM or steroid is consumed. This is done by the body detecting abundance of androgens and signals hypothalamus to reduce excretion of Gonadotropin releasing hormone which is responsible for the sex hormones. It results in reduction of secretions from testes and less production of testosterone.

The main purpose of PCT is to restore natural hormone production by signaling the body to resume natural testosterone production. SARMs are less suppressive than steroids because of a selective action mechanism but still hormonal spikes or suppression can occur in rare cases and post cycle therapy is always recommended as it is like a rejuvenation course to restore hormonal balance and natural secretions. PCT should be pre planned and carefully so that it does affect the body in any adverse way. It is extremely useful to retain strength, avoid excess fat deposition and avoid oily skin, acne and gynecomastia. Also, PCT shows usefulness in maintaining a sense of well being and retaining the gains made during the cycle.

Important aspects to focus on during PCT include taking care of the amount of calories consumed as the body’s endocrine system (which produces hormones) may not be performing optimally. The body wants a state of maintaining healthy blood pressure and has to deal with a lot of more mass than it is used to. In order to not lose out on the gains made during the cycle, caloric intake must be equal to or more than what was consumed during the cycle but not too much excess as it can cause weight and fat gain. On an average, PCT recovery time is 4 to 6 weeks and maybe more based on a few factors which includes the type of SARMs used, dosage, length of the cycle etc.