Digital Marketing: Discover This New Career

Use internet mechanisms to promote and promote brands, products and services. This is the main assignment of the digital marketing professional. To help you better understand this career, here are the details to understand. Follow this guide to understand the new career option and earn as much as you can. Make a visit to for the best result.

What training (undergraduate courses) to work in the area of ​​digital marketing?

Besides the traditional Marketing course, graduated in other graduations, such as Advertising and Propaganda, Administration, Journalism, Computer Science and Information Systems, also work in this area. As the strategies used in digital marketing are updated almost every year, the ideal to qualify as a digital marketing professional is to study the good materials that can be found on the internet, participate in courses and training (online or in person) on the subject and put into practice the lessons learned in order to identify, what works and what does not.

What are the main areas of professional performance?

The specialist in digital marketing can act in several areas like:

  • Content marketing: creation and sharing;
  • Growth hacking: production of content and mechanisms to attract traffic, virtualizer themes and guarantee conversion into sales;
  • Optimization of sites (SEO): indexing of the main keywords of the site so that they are the most brought by the search engines;
  • Social media: content production, monitoring, audience analysis, strategy development;
  • Sponsored links: the form of advertising through the results of a search.

What’s different about traditional marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing, in digital, we can reach a very specific target audience and very well segmented. We have metrics that can tell us, for example, if we are reaching people across the national territory, people who live outside the country or who are of another nationality.

What are the main employers of this professional?

Digital marketing and advertising agencies, as well as companies from different areas that have an internal sector,  focused on internet marketing work. An example would be universities and colleges that have a specific area to take care of the institution’s digital marketing.

What is the starting salary?

The starting salary of the digital marketing professional varies a bit from city to city. But, in general, it is something around $ 2,000.00 or $ 2,500.00.

Is it an area that is heated? Because?

The digital marketing market has grown a lot in recent years as many companies have realized the importance of having a solid internet presence. With this, the demand for professionals who use internet marketing has increased considerably.

How can the student know if they have the profile to work with digital marketing?

If the student likes challenges, always being up to date and interested in the areas of internet, technology and marketing in general, he may already have the right profile to work with digital marketing. The idea is that the person can unite the understanding of numbers and processes, but also understand people’s behaviour. Other characteristics are: to be proactive, communicative, organized and responsible and to know how to work in a team.