hard drive recovery

Data recovery and Its Choices to Be Made

Any problem with recovering deleted files, when it comes to Android, can be surpassed by any tablet or smartphone user. Many believe that such problems are easily solved only when computer problems occur because the software has long been invented for this purpose, and if the Android phone becomes an agenda, all is lost. This judgment is not true. This is why you would need hard drive recovery now.

hard drive recovery

During the existence of the operating system, experts have developed many methods and programs that help to recover user data deleted accidentally. A very important factor at the time of data recovery is the complete removal of data capture until the recovery process is complete. This is due to the fact that newly recorded data may occupy stations where deleted information has been found. For the success of the entire operation, it is recommended that the GSM module be completely disabled so that a random message does not corrupt the recovery process.

Smartphone Data Maintenance with Pc

There is a classic way to recover deleted files when your Android phone. The device must be connected to the computer and scan in the traditional way. Conventionally, we consider smartphone hard drives as a regular storage device. In the case of memory card data loss, recovery is possible even without a computer. If the data is deleted from the internal memory, you must first connect to the computer using a USB cable, wait for the OS to install the driver automatically, select the option “Connect to USB drive” on the phone.

Next, you need to select and install the file recovery software. There are several free apps that allow you to quickly restore your computer data to your Android smartphones, among them: Recuva and 7-Data Android Recovery.


It is the most popular data recovery software on both removable disks and internal memory. The developer offers the use of a paid and free version, although the free version has impressive functionality. You must first download Recuva and install it on your computer. Then connect your Android phone with a cable to your computer in USB storage mode. As soon as “USB Connected” appears on the device screen, you can start the program.

After start-up, a window will appear where you need to select the type of files you need to find, and you can also select “Enable due diligence”, it will take more time, but the result will be more accurate. A list of recovery files on the computer monitor will appear at the end of the scanning process. Make sure that the required data can be restored to the phone’s memory highlighted in green, select it and continue with the application. Once Recovery is done, put the data back in the device memory.

Data Android Recovery

In its functionality, the program is very similar to Recuva, its main difference is the ability to work with all types of internal memory: external and internal storage, and even RAM. After downloading, installing and debugging, we connect it to a USB drive, as is the case with Recuva. The program will offer you a choice of where to return the files select the drive, and then in the “Advanced Settings” option select the type of files you need to find. In the list of recovered files, highlight the ones you need. The presence of preview mode will please you when you can only restore the photos you need from the recovered photos.