Power to Choose Alternative

A Force Which Is Derived From A Source

First of all, we need to know a thing called energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed because energy is converted into another form of energy. Then this Energy Rate is defined as the rate of energy, which is also the amount of energy per unit time and per unit mass. The Power to Choose Alternative is important here.

What are all the types of energy we know?

In this world, we know there are kinds of energy to help for various purposes. Various types of energies are derived from different kinds of sources.

  • Wind energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Thermal power energy

So, from here, we will see the definition of all the types of energies.

Power to Choose Alternative

Wind energy is a kind of energy in which the power is derived from wind. The mechanism of this energy deriving process is in which the windmill has the wings in which it rotates by the wind force, and then the energy is derived. This type of windmills is planted in some places all over the Tamil Nadu.

  • Tidal energy

Tidal energy is a kind of energy in which the energy is derived from the sea’s Wave. Here the wave force is used to derive energy. In this case, the mechanical is converted into electrical energy.

  • Thermal power energy

In the word itself, we can say that thermal means heat. Here I give an example that through rocks and some substance, the heat is derived from that and converted into energy. We may hear about thermal power plants which are planted all over the Country. This process may take a long time in which the process is long.

So, in the above, we saw some kinds of energy which is used for our daily life.

How this energy is used for our daily life 

In this modern world, energy is very important for us to run our daily life routine. The energy is used for our purposes. In Tamil Nadu, there are many power plants like thermal power stations, Hydroelectric stations, and Tidal power stations to produce electricity. Our house unit receives 240 volts; this kind of energy system is used to produce electricity for our house. And we missed out on an important type called Solar energy.

Solar energy

Solar energy is a kind of energy that is derived from a source called Sunlight. Every organism requires energy. The energy requirement is the basic necessity for all the organism. Solar energy is derived by using the solar panel. Here the solar panel plays an important role; that is, solar panels should be placed in the right place if only the sun rays fall on the conference, and the necessary process will continue. Most of the constructions use this solar energy to derive electricity. It is a more cost-efficient and environmentally free energy resource. So, you can ask a question like what would this solar energy system produce energy during the night time. During the daytime, it stores some amount of energy, and it uses during the night time. In this way, it is more useful for us.